In April 2020, you pay as much as you (E)VALUE(ATE) April 8

Yes, you read that right. We will not charge our services at a market price, but at a price that you will set for yourself. Why? Because we can. Because we are interested what business value we create for you.

About the Campaign (E)VALUE(ATE) APRIL 8

The idea for the campaign was born out of a question we have been asking ourselves for a long time:

How would clients really evaluate our work financially?

More and more often we are adjusting to budgets, while the process and people stay unnoticed.

And now we created a kind of socio-business experiment in which we will allow companies to evaluate the results of our work by themselves.

We believe that we will get an encouraging answer to our initial question – that our clients value our work and the bonds we made together.

Submit your project and set the price yourself

The »(E)VALUE(ATE) APRIL 8« campaign covers the work we will do for you from April 1 to April 30, 2020.

To participate you must:

1. send an ORDER to,

2. CONFIRM the agreement we provide to you as soon as possible,

3. EVALUATE our work on your project,

4. tell everyone how much you VALUE APRIL 8! 😉

* Due to our limited monthly capacity, the number and scope of projects are limited.

(E)VALUE(ATE) your year with PENlendar!

Ever wonder how much things are really worth? Then you must have PENlendar 2020 - a collection of pens that you can use to evaluate everything you feel you need to evaluate and write down the works, events, actions, and people you value. Today, tomorrow, every day.

Want to get a free PENlendar 2020? Fill out the form below. ATTENTION: PENlendar can only be received at the company address!

Yes, we know that PENlendar 2020 is the coolest gift and we do understand that you want it sooo bad. But unfortunately, the supply of gifts is limited, so you may not get yours. Don't be sad though, the value of PENlendar is somewhere else - (E) VALUE(ATE) 2020, work, people and of course YOURSELF. Instead of PENlendar 2020, we will remind you of that every month on April 8's social networks.


Your penLENDAR 2020 is is on the way!

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