A8 story: on an important mission

We are connecting the worlds of brands and consumers, both offline and online. This is who we are, what we do, and how we live. Our vision is crystal clear: we want to improve consumers' lives. 

We are connected by a wealth of shared experience spanning many years, which are enhanced by true values. No bullsh*t. Our solutions are advanced and customised for the client and users; we use tried-and-true tools; and we develop, evaluate, cooperate, and provide effective support throughout. We are driven by a strong self-initiative. 

Love triangles a. k. a. our super team

We are not just a decoration, though we do look great in our April-coloured workplace. In reality, we are brainstorming, secretly coding, crunching numbers, waving pens, building sculptures, oops - structures, and toying with colours. Everything necessary for the success of your projects. And we absolutely love them!

Urša Mivšek Sitar
Urša Mivšek Sitar
Darja Štukelj
Darja Štukelj
Head of Strategic Communications
Matej Krmelj
Matej Krmelj
Head of Data Analytics

Can you envision a world without any values? 

We cannot. That is why we live by them. They are strong, they are ours, and we do not give them up for any amount of money.


Everything we do serves a purpose. We are driven by our clients' well-being. We recognise that we are responsible for all results, good and bad. Because of this, we measure everything.


Clients put their faith in us to complete their projects. The team overcomes all obstacles and develops solutions for every scenario. We skip any unnecessary steps.


We know our clients very well, and if we don't, we get to know them quickly and comprehensively. When learning, we employ all of our senses and experiences.


In order to improve our business, we take actions every day with integrity and courage. We can only do so if every team member is continually evolving and adaptjng.