Campaign for destination marketing

Velenje beach has had up to 100,000 visitors in just two months, so we've been looking for a strategy to divert them to another location of the destination.

Campaign for Kobilarna Lipica

Due to the digital nature of the campaign, we created a landing page with four language options to cater to both Slovenian and foreign visitors.

Promotional campaign for Supernova Slovenija

We started an advertising campaign honouring women in March, International Women's Month, and we gave rewards to everyone who designed a SUPER T-shirt for their favourite woman in their lives.

Easter SUPER pick

During the Easter holidays, a promotional effort was launched to remind (potential) customers that Supernova is the one-stop shopping centre where they can get everything for the holidays.

Redesigned website and social networks

A redesign of the website, followed by the creation of promotional videos, a new strategy and presence on social networks.

The Enefti Conference

We co-organized the first Slovenian NFT Conference, which was held in Ljubljana's Crystal Palace, in collaboration with the Slovenian NFT community.

We are here

Advertising campaigns from recent years can be distinguished by their peculiarities. We introduced NFT technology to the campaign this year as an unique element, which allowed us to introduce the destination to the meta universe.

Pixelate yourself

With the help of a digital marketing campaign using NFT tokens, we demonstrated the bold use of cutting-edge marketing technologies by one of Slovenia's biggest telecommunications companies.

Opposites attract

With the campaign for the Slovenian and global markets, we target the ordinary tourist who wants to go outside and breathe some fresh air. On the other hand, he or she also wants to experience the vibrancy, culture, and events of the city. Why not have it all?


A national competition called "Become a Granfluencer" promotes getting elderly people actively involved in the community.

The Rogaška Health Formula

A new comprehensive product in the form of a green vacation that allows for a tourist experience while also having a positive impact on the tourist's health and wellbeing.

Jump into a super school year

The Autumn campaign encourages people to actively co-create their extraordinary school year with Supernova.

Back to Portorož and Piran

We have taken Slovenian guests on holiday back to the Slovenian coast with a red Fiat 600 and a hint of nostalgia.


LifeClass Clear Start

QL December in Qlandia

Website LifeClass

Promotional campaign Choose your experience

Qlandia Gift Card

Photographing Terme Čatež destination

Packaging design for Vinakoper

Design your novemBRK