Expect the unexpected

A digital agency with the passion for creating – websites, digital communications, user experience, shopping enthusiasm ... and much more.

We work in a digital way

If in the present time a brand is not in the web world , then it is not. It does not exist. Our mission is to create such a powerful digital experience so that your brand makes a lasting impression on the user.

  • - Digital strategy
  • - Digital Marketing
  • - Produce challenging websites, stores and applications
  • - Development of chatbot personality and tools
  • - Content marketing
  • - Advanced Google Analytics
  • - Optimization of websites


We are seriously creative

We work on each project with our head and our heart – The knowledge and experience on one side and emotion, intuition and instinct on the other. The result is seriously creative. We really enjoy it.

  • - Creativity and design
  • - Strategy and brand identity
  • - Comprehensive graphic images
  • - Shopper marketing
  • - Events and promotions


We have the know-how and we are delighted to share it

If you have too much knowledge, your head hurts. So we're trying to make it go out somewhere. To counteract any possible headache. And of course, in order to transfer our knowledge to our clients. But not the headaches.

  • - Tailor made marketing training
  • - Preparation of e-manuals
  • - Design and implementation of thematic workshops


We are developing products

Useful ones. Very innovative and developed. A little bit for our joy but especially for new solutions, advanced functionality, better users’ experiences and more successful business of our customers.

  • - Own analytical portal "I eight DATA"
  • - Customized Umbraco CMS and Watson chatbot solutions

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