About the project

The tourist season that follows the end of the coronavirus pandemic represents a big challenge for everyone. Portorož and Piran's destination tackled it with the help of a video that appeals, through nostalgia, to the emotions of Slovenian guests and invites them back to Portorož and Piran.

About Fiat 600

In the video, the main role is played by a red Fiat 600 that evokes the viewer's memory of the times when he spent summers along the Slovenian coast with his family and friends. At that time, the journey itself, with stops for lunch and restroom, as well as the worry about whether Fiat 600 would even make it to the sea, was the greatest experience.

About the video

The TV advertisement introductory part provides a pinch of the past – the packing of a typical Slovenian family in a Fiat 600, the hustle and bustle in the car, the long hours of driving to Črni Kal, and the eager waiting for the moment when children see the sea for the first time. Then the story from the past turns into the present revealing that the destination offers visitors much more today than it once did. From the brief to the final product, the video was made in just over a week.

About the campaign

The video was followed by an all-Slovenian online and offline campaign with advertising on television, radio, and the web, communication on social networks, online prize game and guerrilla promotion where a red Fiat 600 with hostesses visited major places in Slovenia and looked for a way "back to Portorož and Piran".