About the project

Through the story of giving emotion to users and getting them accustomed, we have completely updated the LifeClass website and set up new guidelines. It was designed on the basis of market research and keyword analysis, which we took into account in text writing, and adapted to the language specifications of each market.

We have also included a video on the website, which is one of the most effective visual communication tools, since it creates a more interactive experience with the visitor and improves the website ranking in search engines.

Stories at every step

In the design itself, we have put more emphasis on the visual component and fewer texts when designing a website. We entered a total of 1,800 photos and 60 text pages for each one of the five languages. Video footage plays the main role on the main or supporting pages.

The goal of the website was to include "storytelling" at every step and finally make the website "live",which, despite the "pleasant world of dreaming," "sells." We included a direct booking and increased the sale of all services directly from the website.

User experience

The key functional advantage for the user is the optimized and simplified transition scenarios, which make it easier to surf among the content pages. The biggest website feature is the incorporation of a mobile website into a comprehensive menu and the interlacing of story telling with a sales note.

On the website there are outstanding primary and secondary calls to action that clearly lead the user to the end of the booking.