About the project

For Qlandia shopping centres, we designed and implemented a comprehensive communication campaign for new Qlandia gift cards that help to fulfil hidden wishes.

Qandia's paper gift vouchers were replaced by the Qlandia Gift Card in six design versions that follow the visual image and the brand communication tone.

The Story of Fulfilling wishes

The comprehensive communication campaign is built around the headline story about fulfilling hidden wishes, which is implemented on all communication materials from printed, radio and online advertisements to exposure at sale points. Also, on TV ad, we present a modern combination of fairy tales about cravings and fulfilled wishes, which derives from three classic fairy tales: The Goldfish, Cinderella and The Frog King.

Qlandia Gift cards website

The gift card has its own presentation website,, where the online store for the purchase of Gift cards in physical or electronic form is also implemented. The key advantage of an online store is the creation of cards according to the customer's wishes.