The horseshoe of good fortune 

The horseshoe, which symbolises the coexistence of man and horse, is among the most well-known fortuitous symbols. There are still many positive associations with the horseshoe, ranging from the iron used in its construction, which stands for strength, safety, and protection, to the fertility and fruitfulness offered by its relationship to animal horns. The horseshoe is, in essence, a symbol of the good fortune we all yearn for, so we used that as the inspiration for the storyline and creative ideas for the 2022 summer campaign.

About the campaign

The campaign has a strong digital component, so to appeal to both Slovenian and international visitors, we built a landing page in four different languages. The main takeaway for users is: where else in Lipica, a city populated by horses, have you got a better chance of finding happiness? Also, the horseshoe! 

Digital Advertising

We made ads noticeable and simply enjoyable for users who are particularly attracted to different types of advertisements on their favourite networks by using interactive ads in the format of cards. Digital advertising for the campaign's needs is carried out on the social networks Facebook and Instagram, as well as through the Teads network.

Influencers in Lipica

Lipica, with its horses, is a particularly photogenic location, making it especially attractive for Instagram influencers who appreciate a quality image. As a result, we invited five prominent and ten lesser-known online influencers to take part. These individuals can inform their followers on social media about a variety of activities that the location has to offer, but which the general public may not even be aware of, by sharing their own first-hand experiences and high-quality photos and videos.

Three well-known Slovenian tiktokers also shared their thoughts and experiences from Lipica on the world's most popular social network, Tik Tok.