About the campaign

We launched an advertising campaign celebrating women in March, International Women's Month, and we gave rewards to everyone who designed a SUPER T-shirt for their favourite woman in their lives.

Online t-shirt configurator

Users could create a white or black t-shirt in the online configurator with a tribute to their favourite SUPER woman. We were really happy to read things like, "I have a SUPER WIFE married to me," "I am a SUPER dandelion picker," "Always SUPER, never cranky," "Mateja, the most SUPER mum ever," "You can call me a SUPER driver," "Your SUPER better half," and other such.


We randomly selected 35 winners from among all the participants who posted their designed t-shirts in the online gallery. Each winner received a custom t-shirt with their own design and a Supernova Gift Card.

Promotion with influencers and TikTokers

Online influencers also helped spread the word about the activation by designing SUPER women's T-shirts and sharing them on social media. In their Instagram stories, they walked their fans through the design process in the online configurator while also presenting their own products, such as a T-shirt with an inscription that they provided themselves.