Smart solutions

It’s a fact that technology thoroughly changes our lives. ConnectLife connectivity appliance and intelligent advanced digital services platform is the solution that facilitates and improves daily life for users and enables an easer use.

ConnectLife provides instant access to connected household appliances, enables a simpler and more efficient use of devices and offers new content.

Smart devices, intelligent applications and integration of smart connections thus create a smart home, that becomes a 360-degree functional living space.

Solution development

On the basis of ConnectLife brand foundation starting points and through analysis and research, we have determined an appropriate brand archetype, which symbolically represents a universally recognized character. Consumers connect with the personality and inspiration of a particular brand. Integrating the archetype into the branding development provides a simpler and more effective identification of the consumer with the brand.

Logo design

The point as a clear and strong symbol represents the clear centre of everything - that is, the centre where the user stands. C as the first letter of ConnectLife brand name is highlighted to ensure greater visibility.

The combination of both elements creates an intermediate space that basically indicates the concept of connectivity.

Fair presentation

We also developed visual communication elements for the purpose of presenting this platform at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas.