More magic time for our loved ones

Happy December is nevertheless the most stressful month of the year: due to Christmas gifts, shopping fever, gift hunting and crowds among store shelves. We have a different plan.

In Qlandia, we promoted giving gifts using the new Qlandia Gift Cards, which reduces stressful shopping and wrong gifts. This way we gave people more free time to be dedicated to their loved ones, creating special and magical holidays.

Various events during QL December

December began with interactive shows for children in all seven Qlandia. This year, the playful QL little gnome this year has decided to overtake Santa Claus in distributing gifts. It's very simple, because he knows that Santa Claus hides gifts in a magic closet. Everything changed, when the little gnome found that the closet was locked. It could only be opened with the help of children who helped him to perform miraculous tasks ...

Only sparks in children's eyes were more shining than Christmas lights. Children's excitement over the December holidays is boundless, as is their creativity. Therefore, we invited local kindergartens to participate in creating a magical atmosphere in Qlandia. In the prize contest, the children together with their educators created beautiful ornaments that were exhibited on Christmas trees in Qlandia shopping centres.

Christmas coloured shopping and lively events are not always magical. That's why we made sure that during their shopping Qandia’s visitors could rest in the QL Corner, enjoy a hot cocoa with marshmallows, chatted in peace and abandoned themselves to the Christmas atmosphere.

In December, in the centres and on the website, went on a Christmas prize contest, within which we donated Qlandia Gift Cards to more than 150 prize winners.