The story

It is based on new beginnings in the New Year and a commitment to clearing mind, cleansing of toxins and unnecessary ballast. Start the New Year in a new way. Get new habits. Follow the steps that make you feel better. Everyday.

LifeClass can help. With its comprehensive range of hotels, services and with local natural healing factors.

Visual image of the campaign

Visual image stems from Japanese aesthetics and coincides with LifeClass's offer of speciality cuisine, relaxation techniques, cosmetic and health treatments of various cultures and ancient traditions. At the moment current sushi offer and meditation are associated with Japanese culture as activities for relaxing body and mind. The gently wavy font in blue colour is associated to marine environment, relaxation, mindfulness, silver foliage printing is the final touch, the glittering of the sea, which has an elegant, important and also solemn effect.

New Year. Clear Start.

SLOGAN encourages us to start the New Year in a new way and reveals how: with a clear vision.

The established phrase "fresh start" is replaced by "clear start", which simultaneously communicates a cleansed mind and a new beginning.



Drawing of a circle, painted with one stroke on rice paper.
The moment when the mind is released and the body creates.
It represents the endless cycle of life and the fullness of the spirit.
It is a symbol of boundless creativity that gives the best solutions.

Enso is represented in its minimalist form with a circle line.
A wave that rises from the sea and reunites with its essence at the same moment.
The incomplete circle allows space for movement and development - we always have the possibility to do something.



We also linked the New Year's campaign to the website. Clear and easy. With focused creative activity.

The main banner at the user's entrance page leads through three relaxation steps:

1. The user draws his ENSO circle.

2. He selects the circle colour. The choice of colours is in line with the concept of each hotel's culinary offer.

3. We present the most suitable hotel to the user according to his colour choice and invite him to visit the hotel sub-page with a New Year's offer.