About the campaign

The purpose of the advertising campaign during the Easter holidays was to remind (potential) customers that Supernova allows them to purchase everything they need for the holidays in one place, including food, presents, and entertainment, while browsing the web. We used two key communication channels for promotional support: digital advertising and an online prize game.

Interactive online game

A simple online game is predicated on the notion that online users do not have the time or desire to participate in complex and time-consuming gamification. In order to reach their subconcious in the brief window of time we have when they are using the web, we have offered simple, amusing, and light content.

Through digital advertisements, we attracted the user to the landing page, where a treasure hunt for Easter or prizes were already waiting for him. He chose the supposed prize-hiding Easter egg at random from a group of three Easter eggs with humorous names. He had entered into the prize lottery if he answered correctly; if he had answered incorrectly, black smoke billowed behind him.