About the project

Urbana Estetika, led by renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nina Suvorov, is one of Slovenia's most recognised aesthetic medical centres. The objective was to redesign the website so that it matched Urbana Estetika's visual and conceptual image. In connection with the makeover, promotional videos were created, as well as a new social media strategy and image.

Urbana Estetika's Website

When redesigning the website, we combined the aesthetic and functional components that bring the user to the correct information while also infusing professionalism and trust in him. The website opens with a presentation video in which the founder and chief plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Nina Suvorov, addresses the viewer.

Video Content

The website's main focus is a collection of short videos in which Dr. Suvorov simply, yet precisely describes and demonstrates to visitors the main treatments and services provided by Urbana Estetika aesthetic-medical centre. The smooth processing of video content matches the clinic's warm and unobtrusive ambiance.

Social Networks

We developed a new strategy for Facebook and Instagram while also updating the visual identity of both channels. The design and feel are consistent with the website, are warm and unobtrusive and reflect professionalism and many years of experience in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery. Graphic and photo posts alternate, with a focus on video content and collaboration with influencers.