About the campaign

The advertising campaign builds on the super grandmother campaign from the previous year, which we updated in terms of content in 2021 and which we encouraged all the super grandmothers and super grandfathers of Slovenia to participate in. We wanted to teach them new digital skills and reward them for their activation with even more youthful energy residing in Rogaška Slatina because they were frequently neglected and desocialized in the previous year, during the pandemic.

An all-Slovenian contest

The Rogaška Slatina destination is searching for granfluencers* through a campaign that takes the form of an online competition. "Granfluencers are Instagram influencers who are 60 years or older and who draw both young and old followers to their posts."

It is created in three phases:

1. registration for the contest,

2. contest with granfluencers posts on Instagram,

3. a visit to Rogaška Slatina.

Digital advertising is largely directed at grandchildren, children, neighbours, and so on, to register cool grandparents they know, but cool grandparents can also enter the contest themselves.

 granfluencer = granny + influencer


Intergenerational Cooperation

Future granfluencers have the opportunity to participate in a free online Instagram course led by young people from Simbioza Genesis, a social enterprise, as part of the contest framework. Simbioza's core objective is to spread knowledge of digital skills among generations by encouraging lifelong learning, intergenerational cooperation, and volunteerism.

Engaging online influencers

 Slovenian influencers who already have a following on Instagram are also taking part in the campaign. They encourage their followers to open their grandparents' profiles so they can enter the contest by posting announcements about it on their Instagram feeds. They provide guidance and experience to granfluencers in the final phases.

A source of youthful energy

Rogaška Slatina is the epicentre of youthful energy. Therefore, with this campaign, we appeal to the elderly who desire more from life and encourage them to get engaged in lifelong learning, contemporary trends, and digital tools. The best granfluencer, who will impress and convince the most people with their posts during the contest, will be rewarded with a VIP vacation in Rogaška Slatina for two people.