About the project

With the campaign for the Slovenian and global markets, we target the ordinary tourist who wants to go outside and breathe some fresh air. On the other hand, he or she also wants to experience the vibrancy, culture, and events of the city. Why not have it all? 

Kamnik is known for two unique selling points: history and culture on one side and nature on the other, which is why we combined the two in the same creative form. 

Digital Ads

In the advertisements, we creatively mix the two communication focuses and portray them as opposites that attract each other. As a result, users are addressed on various digital channels by a climber with a cow in the middle of a historic square, a knight on the pristine Velika Planina, and a family in bathing suits who jump from the hot thermal oasis to the cold snowy fields. Because the advertisements are different, they stand out to web users.

The opposites or services that will be promoted in advertising are selected with the assistance of consumer interests and a market-specific focus.

Tik Tok

We created a Tik Tok profile for the destination as part of the campaign framework and devised a communication strategy for this current most popular social network.